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Baby and toddler care 

The Day Nursery In Towcester is an ideal choice for childcare for your baby or toddler. Please get in touch with us for more information.
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Inviting baby and toddler rooms

At The Day Nursery in Towcester, we have warm and inviting baby and toddler rooms, perfect for creating a stimulating atmosphere. Our rooms are fully equipped with up to date play equipment and we ensure that your child's needs are met at all times. We also believe in implementing a home from home ethos, with each parent providing us with a detailed all about me form, which will be used to facilitate each child's individual needs and requirements.

We do ask that you provide a spare change of clothes, a comforter if needed (dummy, blanket, toy), formula milk and bottles, sun cream and a sun hat, a warm coat, hat and gloves, shoes for outdoor play and wellies.
Our Nursery

What we provide at our nursery:

  • Nappies
  • Spoons/forks/bowls/cups
  • Milk (not formula)
  • Wipes and bibs
  • Black draw string bags with your child’s name on
  • Waterproof suits for outdoor play
The Day Nursery in Towcester
'After visiting all of the nurseries in Towcester, this one won hands down for it's family feel and down to earth approach to everything, from understanding children and their ever changing needs to the ever changing needs of parents.
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