Healthy food at The Day Nursery in Towcester

At The Day Nursery In Towcester, we provide your children with nutritious snacks and meals throughout the day. 
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Promoting healthy eating habits

Here at The Day Nursery In Towcester, we provide nutritious, healthy food which is freshly prepared onsite.  A healthy breakfast, lunch and tea are provided, as well as a mid-morning and afternoon snack. All our food is home cooked and prepared with the children’s dietary needs in mind.

If your child has any special dietary requirements, please inform the managers who will discuss this at depth with you.
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Our Menus

Our menus are displayed in the nursery hallway, and you can also view these below.
Babies aged 6-18 months can choose from a separate menu that offers home cooked meals from the Annabel Karmel recipe book. We aim to replicate mealtimes at home within the nursery and follow parent's weaning choices. Whether your baby is spoon fed or baby led weaning, it really isn't a problem.
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We provide healthy food for your children at The Day Nursery In Towcester.To enrol, call 01327 359 647

'They feel like a support mechanism for us busy working parents and we know they take good care of our child.'
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