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Our nursery fees

At The Day Nursery In Towcester, we provide excellent childcare at reasonable prices.
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Schedules of Fees - Current from February 2015

NB - Our fees are calculated by multiplying the weekly total by 51 and dividing by 12, less Bank Holidays to get a monthly total due on the 27th of each month. For example, a full time place would be £175.00 x 51 = £8925.00 minus 5 Bank Holidays = £8750.00 / 12 = £729.15 per month. A 5% discount is given if two children in the same family attend nursery full time.
Please note that a surcharge of £10.00 per quarter of an hour will be automatically added to your invoice for children who are collected late.
To avoid the upset this causes your child, we kindly ask you to respect our hours of opening.

Professional childcare providers at The Day Nursery In Towcester.
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'The variety of activities, toys and games is amazing and the staff are all super friendly.'
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