Having fun outdoors

The Day Nursery In Towcester is dedicated to providing a fun-filled environment for your children to explore. 
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Promoting outdoor play

The Day Nursery In Towcester understands the need to incorporate outdoor play into a child's daily routine. Our nursery has three outdoor play areas: a courtyard, a billy bounce and a grassed area. The billy bounce and grassed areas are equipped with various games for the children to play. The garden is used to grow plants and vegetables, forging a link with the discovering the world aspect of the EYFS. The courtyard is used for all types of messy play, but we also use it as a quiet, reflective area when we wish to quieten down. 
A whole range of activities and learning opportunities are created each day, some of which are predetermined and others which are led by the children's interests.
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The Day Nursery In Towcester provides facilities for outdoor play. For details, call 01327 359 647

'The warm, nurturing and friendly feel of the nursery means that I no longer spend my time at work worrying about my child!'
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